General Station Update! March 20

Hello fellow Llama enthusiasts!

Server issues:
Please  let me start by saying that our recent spate of server issues should  hopefully be behind us. After discussions with our server providers we  have gotten to the bottom of the problems(s) and they should be resolved  now. Fingers crossed!

After  lots of tweaking and fiddling I believe our Jukebox is in a much  heathier state. I have added 900 odd new songs, each of which was hand picked by yours truly. I hope you enjoy the updated selection of music and silly clips from some of our favorite TV series, inc. Mightly Boosh, Hitchhickers guide and a few more!

JukeBox Requests!
Yes, a requested feature will soon be added to the Jukebox enabling listeners to request music directly from LlamaBot! Keep an eye open for that. You'll see the feature on the Web Player Window next week after some testing.

New Presenters:
We  will shortly be welcoming several additional presenters to our weekly  lineup and this also means an updated schedule page will also be on the  way shortly. We'll be making some announcements in due course.

That's it news month for this month! Stay tuned for some exciting updates as we can announce them.

Piece, Love and hotcross buns.

Station dogsbody.