Our Goal:
Our goal is simple, to create a friendly, open and free platform for our friends to publish podcasts and radio shows free from third party licensing, ads and service restrictions. I know things like SoundCloud and Youtube do offer the functionality we're after, but building our own platform allows us to have greater flexibility over our shows and will allow us to play copyrighted music without risks of copyright strikes or anything else as we are fully licensed with both PPL and PRS.

Our History:
Most of us involved in this project have been involved in radio for years, I myself started Internet Radio, moved onto HRB and then graduated to present shows on local radio stations and eventually started helping out with several RSL's. I'm currently presenting shows on Forest FM and SteamFair FM when the great Dorset Steam Fair rolls into town. All this to say, I know the struggles and I'm putting all my collected experience into this project to create something brilliant. So I'll need brilliant people to help me.

Okay, but what will I need?
Well, depending on what you want to do you'll need to have the following:

A reasonable selection of Music (if you want to play music on your show)
Some broadcast software (Audacity - free, SAM, mAirlist, Open Broadcaster -free)
A reasonable microphone or headset.
If you are live streaming, a decent internet connection.
Enthusiasm and some time to spare.  

I will self fund the project. However, if you wanted to donate towards the server costs or licensing, I wont say no, but we'll never ask. Certainly the last thing we want to do is ask for donations from our listeners.  

So if you've liked what you've read so far, feel free to email me using the below email address and I'll get back to you shortly and arrange a time to sit down and have a chat.


[email protected]

Daniel Roth (Lorcian)