Change of track... Choo choo!!

Hi folks, sorry we've gone quiet. We're shifting focus. This may we a little bit of a wall of text, apologies for that but I wanted to take the time to explain some decisions I've made and how we are going to move forward.  

When we setup Llamacast, I wanted to focus on chat based programming. I wanted to help create something where people could talk about their hobbies and interests and build a community of people who shared them. However, the total disaster that is the music licensing industry means there is no realistic way we could make our content available in podcast form with copyrighted music.  PRS were fantastic, PPL however, not so much. At the time of writing, PPL don't currently have the facility to licence copyrighted content in a downloadable format.  

Not able to make podcasts, we ourselves ended up focusing on music in our shows and ended up resorting to a radio style format, partly out of laziness and partly out of being scared as some of our presenters (while I love them all) didn't feel comfortable talking for long periods of time and struggled to find things to talk about on a consistent basis that wasnt related to covid-19 or anything else super depressing. In a world of Spotify and Itunes I struggled to see how music based internet radio was relevant.  

So, I have decided to cancel our music licenses and start again from scratch! This time we are going to focus on shorter, voice based podcasts and content and have them available on other platforms to download (and enjoy?) as well as our own.  

There is an open invitation to anyone previously or still involved with the station to produce content and I'll be working to negotiate music we can use legally in podcasts and structure things to better facilitate this.  

More will follow, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has previously helped out and those that continue to want to be a part of this project going forward.

We're not stopping, just changing direction.  

Stay Tuned!

Daniel (Lorcian) Roth.