About us

We're a internet radio station and podcasting network. Of sorts.

Llamacast is a project by Flying Llama Studios. The idea being to create an free, open and friendly platform where like minded creators can come together to talk about their hobbies and interests. We aim to focus on voice content, but we'll have plenty of music as well! After looking at platforms such as SoundCloud and Youtube, we decided to create our own platform to avoid the issues as we saw them, such as Ads, the ability to control our content, to license it ourselves to have the ability to play copyrighted music without fear of DMCA take down strikes or any other rubbish and to build our own close-knit community. Also, it's kinda difficult to stand out in a crowd ya know?    

All our shows will automatically be recorded and will be available for streaming shortly after the show has aired. so, if for whatever reason life gets in the way and you missed a show, you will be able to catch up pretty quickly! (Or at least that's the plan anyway).  

We have recently acquired PPL and PRS licensing. That means Llamacast as a platform will be legally allowed to play copyrighted music on any of our shows. There will also be an option for shows to be federated to FM and other internet radio stations and thanks to our friends in high places, we also plan to be on DAB+ in the not to distant future!  

Llamacast.net is a spiritual successor of G3-Radio. G3 Radio closed it's doors in January 2019. It's taken us a year, but we we are almost ready to go and we hope to continue our mission to provide fun and quirky shows to both entertain and inform.